Congratulations to Johanna and Rich who tied the knot on a perfect fall day at the Cold Spring Farm in Alton NH. Surrounded by the love of their friends and family they promised to always be there for each other. I wish Johanna and Rich a lifetime of happiness.

Images by Jimmy Grey IG  @jimmygrayphoto Jimmy Gray Photo www.jimmygrayphoto.com –

Images by Jimmy Grey Jimmy Gray Photo http://www.jimmygrayphoto.com
Images by Jimmy Grey Jimmy Gray Photo http://www.jimmygrayphoto.com

Congratulations Amanda & Mike. May your life together be one where you are walking 500 miles together hand in hand in hand. Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

Amanda & Mike were married at Whiteface Hollow in Tamworths NH. The property boosts beautiful mountain views, barn for reception, and a house to rent while you are there for your weekend. Images are provided by Classic Photography – Tara & Allen.

Congratulations Nicolette and Austin! May you have a life time of happiness, love, amazing adventures followed by tasty brews.

Nicolette & Austin were married at Dell Lea in Chichester NH. Their ceremony included the planting of a Rose of Sharon shrub. The Rose of Sharon is the last to bloom in the season therefore the lush color will outlast all the other flowers in their garden. It will be a significant reminder of their wedding, their bond and the life they have built together.

Images provided by A Thousand Words photography.

Congratulations Amanda and Kevin!

I wish you a lifetime of happiness, adventure, and weekend coffee on a cognac couch and so much more. Love you

Images provided by vanessa alves photo

website : https://vanessaalvesphotography.com

IG: @vanessaalvesphoto

Flag Hill Distillery: https://flaghill.com/ Special shout to to Christa McLean!


Amanda & Kevin were married September 13, surrounded by family & friends, at Flag Hill Distillery in Epping. A Shout out to Christa McLean and Maddy as the Flagg Hill event coordinators. These stunning images provided by Vanessa Alves Photography.

Congratulations Paula and Roger! May you enjoy a life time of long walks and even longer talks.

Images by Kristen Ann Photography – https://www.facebook.com/KristenAnnsPhotographyStudio/

Honorable mention goes to KristenAnn Photography who was amazing to work with. The Moran estate is 60 acres of lush lands and rolling hills. Stunning.

Photos below of estate are from my phone

Louise and Billy

Her parents gave her away via Zoom, until next year when they can all be together for a renewal.

Louise and Billy were married in a backyard ceremony surrounded by family and friends both in person and virtually.

Such a beautiful love story of personal awareness and growth.

This marriage between two souls created a family built with love acceptance and laughter.

Billy’s daughter Elsa was the flower girl.

Guinness their golden was the best man.

Michelle and Daniel

Image provided by Katrina Bernard Photography

Screenshot 2020-07-06 15.31.01

Screenshot 2020-07-06 16.10.27

The following images borrowed from Elise Marie Bridesmaid.

Screenshot 2020-07-09 05.50.34Screenshot 2020-07-09 05.52.24

On the beautiful grounds of the Castleton located in Windham NH Michelle and Daniel were married in an intimate ceremony with their closest family & friends in attendance.   This ceremony was full of emotion as Michelle and Daniel decided to wed in 2020 and have a renewal in 2021. They included the Irish Blessing read by Jane O’Connell the groom’s mother.  We also performed a Celtic hand-fasting ceremony with a Celtic cord made by the couple.  Michelle and Daniel braided the cord from colored ribbons that hold special meaning to them. Michelle and Daniel I wish you a lifetime of beautiful moments making amazing memories.

Emma and Zachery

Images provided by Lauren Holahan Photography


Screenshot 2020-07-06 15.36.30emma zach under veil kiss

When a couple writes their own vows and you get the feeling they could have been written by the same person you know the couple is in harmony and are meant to be together.  That is how it was for Emma and Zachery.  They had a charming elopement ceremony attended by  immediate family with extended family and friends sharing in the celebration through video streaming.  After an early rain, Mother Nature shined her rays of love on Emma and Zach’s day.  I wish Emma and Zach a life time of making music together.

Family that plays together stays together –

Wendy & Glenn

img_5554img_5555 (2)

What a gorgeous day for a wedding.  We were all thankful to Mother Nature for letting this beautiful apple tree hold onto its precious blooms for one more day. Congratulations to Wendy & Glenn may you brighten each others days with your sense of humor and warm each others hearts with your love and friendship for a lifetime. A special thank you to Imani Day of Coordinator and Ridgeback for making sure we were all where we needed to be.  ❤

Megan & Scott

Images by Krystina Olsen Studio 

Megan & Scott tied the knot on the beach of Newfound Lake  with the reception immediately following at The Inn on Newfound Lake  in Bristol NH.  Everything was perfect!  The couple wrote their own vows. Also Megan made a beautiful entrance half way down the aisle (saying good bye to yesterday)  where Scott met her half way and they escorted each other to the front symbolizing they were entering a new chapter together.  This couple is full of raw love, They are welcoming and with such huge hearts. I hope every dream they dream comes true.  They are both millionaires with love to spare.

Brittany & James

0N0A9411juranty ring ceremony

Images by Michelle Heath Photography

Surrounded by the love of their family and friends they said “I DO” at the Dell Lea in Chichester.  The views were stunning, the sun was bright & the winds were strong.  Brittany & James love Mother Nature, all that she is.  I personally think she was speaking to them, congratulating them on their special day.  It was beautiful.  Brittany and James may you have a lifetime of  adventure filled with laughter and love. Congratulations!


Melissa & Justin

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 9.24.05 PM

Screen Shot 2020-02-01 at 5.35.20 PM

Screenshot 2019-09-28 17.12.46

worht grouping grantScreen Shot 2020-02-01 at 5.36.10 PM

Images by Samantha Grant Photography

Justin & Melissa were married at the Bellevue Barn, Jefferson NH where the mountain range was their backdrop.  This couple comes from two full of life, fun, & beautiful families. We laughed, we cried & we loved throughout the day, mostly laughed.  Justin & Melissa decided to write one another a love letter, sealed them in a box with a special bottle of wine. On their one-year anniversary they’ll read the letters together. This is a tradition they will continue with each year celebrated


Sami & Logan

Screenshot 2019-09-28 09.10.29.png

Images by Erika Follansbee Photography

Samantha & Logan had a huge back yard wedding, 200 of the family & friends were there to celebrate with them.  They chose to perform a sand ceremony creating a momento to be cherished for years to come.  The unity sand ceremony represented their individuality as well as the uniting of the two families.  Lots of love!.  I wish Sami and Logan lifetime of happiness.

– Raw video by MRV Productions


Angela & Brian

“My husband and I had planned a surprise elopement with our closest friends in Summer of 2017.  Michelle and her husband Robert were instrumental in setting up a live feed for our families back home to be a part of our special day in addition to coordinating and capturing the days celebration.   I needed someone to take charge that day, Michelle stepped up and we appreciated the assistance. Everything went far better than expected thanks to them!”  Angela and Brian

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