About Me

Michelle Med

I was asked to officiate my first wedding in August of 2018. What an honor to have bestowed upon me.  In the past, I’ve done some public speaking, facilitated seminars on various topics, and I had the privilege of being a wedding photographer’s assistant.  Little did I know, all of these experiences were preparing me for this huge responsibility.  I was excited and nervous.

It was Love at first ceremony…. from the research, meetings, learning about the couple, their love story, the creativity and finally officiating.  From that day forward I have one goal (ok maybe two)  1. Help create meaningful, fun, loving ceremonies that fully represent individual couples, their ideas and personalities like no other.  2. Do my part in making the world a happier, more loving and passionate place one couple at a time.

It would be my absolute honor and privilege to assist you in planning your special ceremony.

I am a romantic at heart and believe in the power of love.  My BFF Robert and I have been married for over 17 yrs.  We live in NH with our two black labs.  Our marriage works because we are individuals who support one another in reaching our dreams.  I believe that the ability to communicate in both good and difficult times makes for a solid foundation for all relationships.

Mr & Mrs Vincent – Prescott Park, Portsmouth NH


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